Tuesday, February 12, 2008

PISI - I am finally worthy

Big hype -- the Pine Siskins [PISI] are in town! This has gone on since late Fall/early Winter. Do I see Pine Siskins? Absolutely not. All around me, birders in Missouri are reporting the PISIs all day long. I'm thinking, I'm not worthy. But today, Today, TODAY ... YEE HAW! I am worthy!

From the MOBIRD List-Serv, it was noted earlier this winter that the date of appearance of Pine Siskins at one's feeders is at an inverse ratio to the measure of "deservedness" of the feeder owner.

"Thus, you are either very deserving (that is, they will show, but only at the very end of winter) or you are totally undeserving (they ain't gonna show, never!). Only time will tell. Patience, luv, patience." Edge Wade

Deserving or not, I added a lifer to my list today!!!