Sunday, September 7, 2008

Birdscapes sans Garden

The native garden is on its own and I won't be able to have one with apartment living, but at least I can feed and watch the birds for Project FeederWatch. This is a view of my minimalistic feeder area as seen reflected in the office building across the parking lot of the apartment complex. Right now I have thistle, sunflower hearts and a bird bath.

The house finches found the feeding station in no time flat.

After a week, the cardinals showed up today. This juvenile was the first to investigate.

He finally figured out how to get to the food. Later this afternoon, the adult female and male cardinals came by as well.

This molting Blue Jay perched on the wires, but didn't stop by the feeders. I may have to add peanuts to the menu.

Not birds, but I saw some interesting flying machines up in the sky. The MetLife blimp was in town for the PGA tournament at Bellerive Country Club this weekend. Looks like this balloonist thought he would enjoy the view as well. I wonder how close to each other they really were?