Saturday, October 10, 2009

Signs of Fall

The dog days of summer are definitely behind us here in St Louis. The temperature has fallen with an overnight low of 38 and it never got past the mid-50s today. The houseplants have been brought in. I wore a jacket while running errands today.

I finally caved in and closed the windows and turned on the heat in the house (for a short while.)

The days are shorter and shorter. I do appreciate the daylight saving time extension! The leaves are starting to change color. Do not appreciate (at least this time of year) the seven large trees in the yard that will be dropping those leaves soon.

The neighbor put up Halloween decorations today!

What really made it hit home for me today was my first seasonal sighting of the White-throated Sparrow! They are back for their winter vacation in the southern tropics. Huh? This wouldn't be my choice for a winter vacation but compared to staying in Canada, the White-throated Sparrows are making a wise move. I wasn't able to photograph the White-throats today, but here is a photo I took a couple of years ago:

The Dark-eyed Juncos can't be too far behind.

Of course, winter birds arriving also means the summer birds are heading south. There are still plenty of reports of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds in the area despite the cold temps. A St Louis birder (John Curran) posted this wonderful video of a hummer plumping up for its imminent migration: Golf Ball Sized Hummingbird
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