Sunday, January 17, 2010

Highlight this PFW Count: White-Breasted Nuthatch

The little fellow hasn't shown up much at all for the past few weeks, PFW count or regular days. So I was thrilled to see him/her today coming back time and time again to the BOSS and Suet feeders. Must be stashing for potentially harsh weather conditions to come.

No pictures this weekend, but I did have a fairly decent count with 15 species and 80 individuals. Still no House Sparrows taking over (unbelievable that they aren't here) but a flock of the Darling Snarling Starlings has been hanging around and eating up the Suet. There were about 6 Starlings in the feeder area throughtout the day, but then I looked out at the front yard and there must have been a hundred grazing in the yard. At one point there were about 40 in the feeder area. Thank goodness they didn't stick around!

Mourning Dove


Red-bellied Woodpecker


Northern Flicker


Carolina Chickadee


Tufted Titmouse


White-breasted Nuthatch


Carolina Wren


European Starling


Song Sparrow


White-throated Sparrow


Dark-eyed Junco


Northern Cardinal


House Finch

5 (0 with eye disease)

American Goldfinch

9 (0 with eye disease)

Eurasian Tree Sparrow


Total Species / Individuals

15 / 80

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( ( \
" |\

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I get lots of mourning doves, cardinals, bluejays and a single downy woodpecker that comes by every day to check out the buffet. Lots of sparrows too but so far no goldfinches or chickadees. Am I not using the right seed/suet? I put out store bought finch seed suet block and sprinkle mixed seed of cracked corn, millet and sunflower seeds on the ground. I get cardinals on the ground sifting through for the sunflowers and grackles swoop in to steal the cracked corn and the doves/sparrows eat up all the millet the squirrels don't steal.