Sunday, December 27, 2009

Another Low Count

Bird visits were still off this weekend for PFW. I was only in town a short while the first day of the count and absolutely no birds were at the feeders. It snowed early Sunday morning, yet the number of birds was still off. Conspicuously missing were the Chickadees, Titmice, Downy WP, and House Finches.

A very quick visit from the Mockingbird was a pleasant surprise.

Checklist for FeederWatch Missouri Birds

Mourning Dove


Carolina Wren


Northern Mockingbird


Song Sparrow


White-throated Sparrow


Dark-eyed Junco


Northern Cardinal


American Goldfinch

7 (0 with eye disease)

Total Species/Individuals

8 / 24

I was off work today and of course just about all of them returned, including a Northern Flicker and the Eurasian Tree Sparrows. Ah, the fickleness of birds.

Dark Eyed Junco

Northern Cardinal

Frosty Napping (Christmas Inflatable on the neighbor's porch blew over.)

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